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FirSensor Iron 11 72dpi
Android App for displaying thermal images on your smart phone.
Buy the Sensor hardware:
EU customers: http://www.firsensor.com
Rest of the World: logo

DIY with the open source hardware files: https://github.com/RHWorkshop

FIR screen shot 1

- The thermal data can be shown as an overlay on your camera picture.
- You can take a screen shot of the display with the thermal data on top of the camera picture.
- Select different palettes, 6 in total.
- Change the transparency of the thermal data.
- Align the sensor data with the camera picture.
- Re-size the camera picture for better alignment with the sensor data (settings menu).
- Change sensor orientation (settings menu).
- Change the threshold.
- Pause the on screen data for easy adjustment and fine tuning.
- On screen minimum and maximum temperatures.
- 3 Auto scale functions.
- 1 Manual scale function.
- Celsius or Fahrenheit (settings menu).

Communication with the hardware is done by Bluetooth SSP.

Supported sensor hardware:
- IR-Blue sensor hardware
- MarDaSo sensor hardware

If you want the app to support other or your sensor hardware please contact me.

Minimum phone specs:
- 800x480 screen resolution.
- BT 2.1
- Android 2.3

Tested on:
- HTC One X
- ZTE Blade
- JXD S80 8" Tablet
- Nexus 4
- Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 YP-G70
- Samsung Note

End User Licence Agreement:


Quick start PDF:

IR-Blue Android Quick Start V2